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Google says mobile-only is okay for search results, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about desktop
August 25 2015

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Everyone knows about “mobilegeddon,” Google’s algorithm that caused quite a stir when it was announced in April, which favours websites that are mobile-friendly in its search results. 

Now, Google has addressed something that we’ve been wondering, too – does mobilegeddon work both ways? But what about a hypothetical “desktopgeddon” – does not having a desktop-friendly website negatively affect your rankings in Google searches on computers? 

The answer, according to Google Trends Analyst and Webmaster John Mueller, is surprisingly no. Mueller answered this question in a Google Hangout a few weeks ago, which you can watch here (Mueller gives his answer at 12:50). 

According to Mueller, as long as your mobile site renders well on a desktop, then your website’s ranking won’t be impacted. 

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Mueller went on to recommend you should “make sure that desktop users can still see some of your content, if it is formatted in a way that works best for mobile, that’s perfectly fine. You definitely do not need a specific desktop website, in addition to a mobile website.” 

This means that there is an even greater emphasis on having a mobile-friendly website than we originally thought, as being mobile-friendly also has the power to bring in a greater ranking from a desktop search. 

Basically, Mueller just gave more proof that having a non-mobile-friendly website is virtual suicide for your ranking in Google searches. So if you weren’t onboard with mobile, even after mobilegeddon, now is the time! But don’t worry – it’s better late than never. 

This new information is also somewhat disturbing to web users and developers alike, as it creates a difficult dilemma. We know that mobile is important, but many sites have actually dumbed-down their desktop experience in favour of an only sub-par mobile experience. 

The answer to this new dilemma is to make a desktop-friendly website, so people searching from their home computers will still get an amazing user-experience. The site must also be mobile-friendly and we have the tools and expertise that can help you achieve the best of both worlds.  

As you may know, user-experience is important to us at Atomic Motion and is the main logic that we build websites around. So while it’s best to listen to the webmasters, it’s also important to build your website with what matters most in mind: your clients. 

Do you want to make your website user-friendly on both mobile and desktop? Contact us today! 

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