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Why Apple really messed up with the iPhone 6
August 18 2015

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Apple is usually renowned for its big ideas, design, and innovation. Apple has never had trouble creating a buzz about its products in the past, but with mogul Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, there has been more speculation about the direction of the multi-billion-dollar tech empire.

This is especially true since the release of the iPhone 6 last September. The phone still brought in record sales, selling a reported 10 million units in its first weekend, but it definitely has some notable issues. It’s also speculated that the iPhone 5 is the last Apple product that Jobs put his creative genius into, which could explain why the iPhone 6 just didn’t live up to the standard set by its predecessor.

Here are 4 of the main issues we have with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

1) The shape
Apple’s latest and not-so-greatest has rounded edges, which makes it easier to drop. Apple reportedly made it this way so that the mind subconsciously thinks the phone is smaller than it actually is. But if it’s a hot day, or you’re handling the phone with only one hand, the chances of dropping the iPhone are big. Also, this fear of dropping the phone makes you more likely to spend extra on a specialty case, costing you even more money!

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2) It bends
This flaw in the design set social media on fire when the iPhone 6 was first released. There seems to be a weak point in the middle of the phone that makes it easily susceptible to bending, even just from being in your pocket. Apple came under fire when more than a few people had to return their phones when they bent. You can watch the video of an iPhone 6 bending here.

3) You can’t text with one hand 
For busy professionals, this is a major problem! If you’re walking, eating, reading – doing anything really, most people are still going to be using their phones while multitasking. However, the iPhone 6 is just big enough to make texting with one hand a hassle. If you’re on the run, skip sending that text message until you’re standing in one place.

4) It looks like an Android
For years, Jobs was opposed to a larger screen size and the company stayed true to his beliefs for three years after his death by keeping the iPhone 5’s screen size at 4 inches. Now, Apple has made a drastic change with the 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inch screen of the 6 Plus. With this jump to a larger phone, it seems that Apple is following trends set by Android and may have lost its competitive edge.

Of course, the iPhone 6 is hardly a bad phone, however, these small flaws in the design are notable to long-time Apple users and skeptics alike. The good news? The iPhone 6S, or the iPhone 7, (the name hasn’t been released yet), is widely speculated to be unveiled Sept. 9 and will be available for purchase by Sept. 19th. Hopefully, the iPhone 7 can bring some confidence back into the tech giant.

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