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May 14 2015

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The team here at Atomic Motion is happy to announce that we were the proud recipient of the "Best in Web" at Design Edge’s 2015 Redgees Award ceremony held in Toronto on April 20th. Our CEO, Dan Cummins was on hand to receive the award and to give a speech acknowledging the award as a great collaboration effort with our Client, Empire Communities and also to praise our Art Director, Goran Mraovic for simply being the best in the business.

Redgees awards:

And when CTV News is looking for an expert opinion, Atomic Motion is always happy to weigh in. Vanessa Bagnulo, Director of Digital Media at Atomic Motion offered up her expertise on Twitter’s newest app, Periscope. Will it be a hit or quickly get deleted off phones?

Check out the interview here: Periscope interview:

Of course it’s not always work and no play when you’re in the spotlight. Last week, CTV News followed a group of Uber Puppies-On-Demand to the Atomic Motion office where Jorden Johnson, Director of Operations was more than happy to organize a visit in support of the Ottawa Dog Rescue! Our team and the puppies enjoyed the visit while our experts weighed in on the slick strategy behind Uber’s promotion.

Watch the Uber puppies interview:

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