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How a good website is like getting that first dance
April 15 2015

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If you ask the management of almost any web development company about their own website, you’ll probably hear this line: "we’ve been meaning to redesign it for the last few years but we haven’t had time to finish it because we’re too busy working on our clients’ projects.” 

This was also the case for Atomic Motion – until now. Our website redesign had been in the works for about 3 years until we finally gave it the time it deserved, launching earlier this year in February. Humbleness aside, we were blown away with this final result.

At Atomic Motion, we’ve always said that having a website is like asking someone to dance. Everyone wants their website to make a great first impression, deliver a message, and elicit a positive response or action from the target. 

If your website is too technical (think geek), then you’ll appear boring and awkward. If you’re too flashy and lacking in substance (player), they’ll think you’re a sales pitch. But if your website looks smart, fresh, and conveys a clear and engaging message, you’ll be dancing the night away! 

At Atomic Motion, we’re really good at helping you get that first dance.

So how do we do it?

It starts with a clear strategy, a proven process, and an excellent team. Since 1999 we have helped pioneer the web design industry with a keen eye for excellent design and clear, goal driven communication. Our passion for delivering websites with an exceptional user experience sets Atomic Motion apart as one of the most successful web development companies in Canada and across the world.

Our Digital Marketing Strategists specialize in executing cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns that achieve measurable, cost-effective results for clients. From working with a variety of boutique firms all the way to enterprise and multi-billion dollar clients, our digital marketing expertise maximizes the effectiveness of your online presence as a crucial marketing tool for building new business and driving customer engagement.

Outstanding customer service and impeccable project management are Atomic Motion hallmarks. Our team ensures every element of your web project – down to the smallest detail – will achieve your website goals. We work closely with our clients through each aspect of the decision making process keeping them on board every step of the way. Proactive and productive, we work hard to ensure your website stays on track to not only meet, but exceed expectations.  

Our developers provide the strong foundation we need behind the scenes to produce industry-leading websites continually. Our team brings individual expertise to the table in developing websites, mobile solutions, and web-based applications. We use a variety of leading technologies including HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, IMB, Web Sphere, MS SQL, and Oracle. Thanks to their vast knowledge and passion for their work, Atomic Motion now proudly offers custom WordPress and Drupal websites and can integrate any content management system (CMS) you choose – although we’ll make recommendations.

Last but not close to least, we have a downright amazing design team. See for yourself in our recent portfolio. Goran Mraovic, our Creative Director, is amongst the best in the country and is known for his stunning designs that balance functionality with leading-edge design techniques. 

Our design team has also developed a proprietary Information Architecture methodology that utilizes a one-of-a-kind wireframing process. Your content, messages, and target groups are the key factors that should drive the primary elements of your design, and our expert team will make sure that happens!

One of the longest-standing and most established web design companies in Ottawa, Atomic Motion has developed strategic processes over the years that push boundaries and drive industry standards. Most importantly, we understand the importance of a first impression. We’re here to help you make a good one.

Contact us today and get that “first dance.”

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